...Surveys show that most of the people attribute an alien origin to Nazca lines, and this interpretation is so spread that it is necessary to broach the theme, so I invite you to answer the question that makes you a millionaire, does exist life in other planets? In spite of scepticism and irony that often arise about this matter, the investigation of UFO phenomenon and possibilities of extraterrestrial life have decades of experience. All these investigations are based on accurate facts and are made by great authority investigators.

Exobiology is the science that studies the extraterrestrial life, the possibility of existence of different forms of life in the external space. This newest science already has its martyr, in 1600 Giordano Bruno said: “There are innumerable suns and earths that turn around them, such as our seven planets turn around our sun…worlds inhabited by living creatures”, for this he died burned in the bonfire.

To scheme and to transfer a scale into another one of different size is a practice that indeed requests to be developed by a mind able to generate abstract concepts, one that has the capacity to reason, which is distinctive of someone with above regular intelligence. On the other hand, there is the “Air Outlook” or Three-dimensional Factor, which leads to assume that someone had to be up there to control the proper tracing of the giant geoglyphs and as a result to submit the hypothesis that man was already capable to fly in those ages, a truth that is hard to admit was present in the Andean Culture five thousand years ago. And a detail that at the end would disagree with the scientific theory of evolution about men’s and culture’s development, openhanded a way to a creationist or “outer space” interpretation.  It is absolutely of utmost importance to explicate our origins.            




The twilight still covered the surface of the Earth.

A veil still covered the Moon and the Sun. Appeared then the powerful golden ships.

It was a great happiness of the Chosen Servants. Their old masters came back to the Earth with a resplendent face. And Chosen People joined their offerings: feathers of the great bird of woods, bee honey, incense and fruits.

Akakor Chronicle